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My Debut EP
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To You...

My debut EP... a story of the many faces of love... 

listen to the songs in order:

1. Story of You

2. Let You In (again)

3. I Forgot About Me

4. Still the Same

5. Stockholm

Story of You is the first track on the EP. With R&B undertones, it creates a warm, buttery-smooth sound, with an atmosphere that makes people want to waltz with a loved one. Through the lyricism; that wonderful lovey-dovey feeling is evoked and gives the listener a fuzzy heart. This track is a beautiful, 1950’s inspired, love song — almost in the style of a love letter, as the verses are written in first person, directly to the significant other. The title for the entire EP was actually derived from this song, as a repetitive lyric within is, “Ain’t it crazy how my life led up to you?” This title was deemed appropriate as Story of You was one of, if not, the most genuine tracks on the EP — since Abi was in an actual relationship, and a great mental space, when she wrote it — and it depicts the vibe of the entire EP well.

Let You In (Again), like Story of You, is a joyous song written for those that have fallen headfirst in love. The lyrics dive deeply into the beautiful little aspects of relationships, and describes the feeling one has where they would be willing to tear themselves apart if it meant keeping their partner with them. Powerful drum lines and funky guitar leads are featured in this track; giving the song a fun, upbeat energy.

I Forgot About Me is the third track of the EP, and knocks the listener back from the dreamy reality the first two songs lured them into. Heartfelt lyrics tell a story of a girl who loved so hard that she lost herself in the process. After becoming infatuated with someone, people commonly forget that self-love is just as important — if not more. Through the use of sorrowful storytelling; this important life lesson is retold. A beautiful pianist leads this tune, with deep cello and strings alongside it to really bring out the sadness and melancholy of the song.

Still the same was actually inspired by a book I read where the main character becomes immortal and lives many different lives but remains the same person on the inside. She watches the people she loves grow and change – I wanted to capture this feeling and retell the story in my own way. Featuring a 2000’s indie-pop sound, the song Still the Same will take listeners back to the Y2K era, and tells a familiar story of a person seeing an old lover after a long passage of time. Dramatic strings, electric guitar and piano back the emotional vocal lines — communicating the feeling one has when realising just how fast time goes by, and how different people are after going through their own personal growth.

Stockholm is the final track of the EP and is a total crowd stopper. Heavy rock elements, inspired by the style of Evanescence and Sleep Token are present in this track — as it is lead with a distorted electric guitar, hard-hitting drums and haunting synth sounds. The lyrics tell a gut-wrenching story of someone trapped in a toxic relationship, and the devastating line of “I’d rather be fighting than lonely…” drives this message home.

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About Abi

Abi Muir immediately hooks the listener with goosebump-inducing vocals reminiscent of Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish, captivating her audience with her unique indie-pop sound. From the wistful, dreaminess of her debut single heebiejeebies, to her high energy, subtly sarcastic dance track First Date, and her darkly powerful rock track Stockholm,  Abi’s creative storytelling from her youthful perspective releases a rush of emotions and memories for her audience.

From humble Highland beginnings on the tiny Isle of Barra and now creating her musical footprint in Australia, this young artist has already managed to collect an incredible number of accolades to her name, including: an international win in Unsigned Only, a Finalist in the International Song writing competition and a Finalist in the Queensland Music Awards, as well as multiple wins for her music video First Date.

Having caught the attention of industry professionals and being the recipient of a Regional Arts Development Grant, she has worked for the last year on writing and producing her 5-song debut EP with her band, whilst also completing her grade 12 exams!

The EP dropped March 25th 2022 and before released it already had award winning songs! Stockholm was the John Lennon Songwriting Contest session 2 Grand Prize winner in the Rock Category, and Still the Same was a Finalist in the Queensland Music Awards. It's set to be an awesome debut EP!


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