29th OCT
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latest single 


First Date is a song written and recorded by Australian singer-songwriter Abi Muir, produced in collaboration with BNDLSS, and mixed by Simon Cohen (Studios 301). This is the fourth single from this young artist, delivering fresh new tones, maturing from the wistful, dreaminess of her debut single heebiejeebies (2019), into a high energy, pumping dance track with subtle teenage sarcasm hidden in the lyrics. Release date 28thAugust 2020.


About Abi

Singer-songwriter Abi Muir from Cairns will captivate you with her stunning vocals, delivering a range and skill far beyond her young 16 yrs.  From the wistful, dreaminess of her debut single heebiejeebies, to her high energy, pumping new dance track first date (mixed by Simon Cohen, Studios 301). She was described by radio presenter Aleta Tulk as ‘a young local singer songwriter who has big things ahead of her’, after making Aleta cry on radio with her live performance of her original song I forgot about me.